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On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Dandan and her best friend celebrate by eating dumplings and making red paper cutouts. But, when she and her family move to America, all that’s familiar seems lost, and Dandan must overcome her loneliness and fears to rediscover friendship and home.

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Dane Liu has always loved writing. She writes when she’s happy and when she’s not. She writes to make sense of things. She writes the way a swimmer swims or a chef cooks. She writes every day. Often Dane thinks in Chinese. (She was born in China.) Mostly she thinks in English. (Dane moved to the U.S. as a preteen.) Sometimes, she thinks in French. (She lived in Canada and studied for a period in Quebec). Today Dane writes, thinks, plays, and reads in Portland, Oregon, where she and her family live in the company of giant Douglas firs. Her debut picture book FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS, FOREVER (Godwin Books/Macmillan) comes out Fall 2021.